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Could my vast number of posts I had on the english forum be transferred here? At least, all the suggestions and bugs I mentioned, like, for example, that you the game ignores any typed numbers when you are transferring weapons on or off a ship or starbase? That one kind of bugs me.

Or my posts complaining of prepaying the entire asteroid direction and velocity? It's really painful when I am trying to change the speed of 2 different asteroids, and I forget the game copies all movement commands. I've accidentally wasted 100,000 crystals correcting mistakes like that. -- In my opinion, we should pay for each degree of movement when we do it. This would allow us to repair mistakes without wasting a bunch of crystals.

Also, it would be great if the game did not copy movement commands between different asteroids. Each asteroid should have independent movement since their positions and speeds are not guaranteed to be the same.

Anyways, it would be great if our (all bisbog users) old posts were copied here since I (we) spent a long time making them, and I kept no records.

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